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United Computer Service started in Provo, Utah in 1975 and later moved to Logan, Utah. This is our 37th year in business! We specialize in data recovery, corporate networking, custom software, server IT management, VPN, off-site data storage, network security and computer forensics. We also serve the home, entertainment and multimedia market. United Computer Service is well known for manufacturing custom computers of the highest quality, stability and performance.

United Computer Service, Inc. has a local state of the art data recovery lab and class-100 clean room facility rivaling many fortune 500 companies and government law enforcement agencies. We are one of only a few full data recovery labs in the west! We have the ability to recover data from severely failed hard drives, raids, floppy drives, zip drives, flash drives, iPods, digital cameras, CD and DVD disks. Due to our abilities to perform specialized data recovery on a large array of media, we can also perform forensic investigations of computers used in crimes. We perform many investigations for civil cases such as divorce and custody. We also help businesses, parents and spouses track down who and when as far as questionable practices while using the computer. We can find, document and re-construct, File Allocation Tables, MFTs, fragmented or fully intact files that have been deleted for years!

Our staff is highly skilled when it comes to removing virus files and spyware. We are actively involved in assisting the community with safe Internet usage by providing solutions such as anti-pornography and anti-virus software. We often hold free seminars at the request of community and church groups. It is important for us to help the community fight the dangers on the Internet.

Service is taken serious with us. We service both PC and Mac based systems. You can be assured with the purchase of a new system that local support will always be there. Our support team is both professional and local, not overseas!

Open: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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