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Custom Built Desktop PC's for Business or Home

United Computer Service now offers 3 new series of high quality computers. The 300 series serves entry-level or home applications, the 400 mid-grade series for multimedia or gaming and 500 high performance series for multimedia creation. Each system is custom designed to meet end-user needs. Prices start as low as $699!

All desktops and workstations produced by United Computer Service are of the highest quality possible. There are no shortcuts allowed with the components used in our systems. We do not play the price game!

It is all too common to find computers built with extremely cheep internal components. Don’t be deceived! Just because a computer is advertised with a fast processor and a large amount of memory, doesn't mean that it’s high quality. Many local and large computer manufactures use extreme, low quality hard drives and motherboards with similar specifications. This is how they are able to deliver with a ridiculously low price. Unfortunately, the hard drive and motherboard happen to be the most critical components when it comes to stability, data integrity and performance.


Today’s obsession on the lowest price being the most important factor in making a purchase is not always the best method. We always use the most expensive components in our computers. This is done for an important reason. We continuously test to make sure that the value of each component lives up to the price.

Your data is always the most important factor when purchasing a new computer. Because we are one of the few computer companies in the west with a full data recovery lab, we know which hard drives have a high failure rate. We always use hard drives that last longer and perform better.

It is very important to not compare apples to oranges when making a decision to purchase a new computer. In a literal sense, you get what you pay for. Our computers have a proven 95% lifetime without failure.

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