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Data Backup, Imaging and off-site data storage

United Computer Service is pleased to announce that we now offer data imaging and off-site storage services.

Q: Why is this a valuable service to consider for your corporate server?
A: Tape data backup is very necessary, but it still has its limitations. Anytime magnetic media is exclusively relied upon, there are risks involved. It’s very important to have multiple forms of data backup stored in completely different locations, just for this reason. Magnetic media such as hard drives, tape drives, zip disks and floppy disks can become corrupted when exposed to heat, magnetic fields and extreme shock due to careless handling. When it comes to hard drives, they all eventually fail. It doesn't matter how well manufactured they are, hardware will wear out with time.

The three primary benefits of our data imaging and off-site storage services include:

1. Everything on the server hard drive is backed up including the operating system, such as Windows or Novell. Tape backups are only capable of copying user network data. Making an image grade backup of the entire hard drive helps keep downtime to a minimum. Performing this kind of backup, Windows or Novell does not have to be reconfigured or reinstalled. This can take hours or even days in the event of hard drive or raid failure on the server.
2. Your data is stored in our secure data vault; this can be very valuable in the case that unfortunate events occur such as fire or theft.
3. You have another full backup. This type of backup is performed with the oversight of someone who is a well-trained, experienced professional.

Q: What is the cost for this service?
A: There is a one-time cost associated with the purchase of your own hard drive. This drive will remain in our data vault for safekeeping. The cost of a high quality hard drive will vary between $100 and $180, depending on the size of the drive needed. The only other cost associated with this service is our time spent for each visit. The typical backup job is between 1 and 2 hours. Our corporate rate is $75 per hour. Some of our clients prefer a visit every three months, some prefer once or twice a month. It depends on how mission critical your data is. It also depends on how important it is to keep your down time to a minimum. After hours service is available if needed.

The charts below display the comparison of an image backup vs. tape backup.

When a tape backup is performed, only the "user network data" will be backed up. It is impossible to perform a tape backup of the operating system, Windows or Novell, because their system files cannot be accessed while running.

A full image backup on the other hand is a forensic grade backup. All areas of the drive (bit by bit) will be copied. An exact A to Z replica of the server hard drive is made, preserving all four areas of the hard drive listed in the charts.




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